VIA 8.0 Software Update

What’s new in VIA 8.0

VIA 8.0 is available to small animal, specialty, referral, ER, equine and large animal hospitals. VIA 8.0 is not available for VIA mobile sync clinics at this time.

Some of the VIA 8.0 highlights include (∗ = new addition):

  • Desktop dashboards ∗
  • Purchase order system ∗
  • Instant Messenger between workstations ∗
  • Patient Event Journal ∗
  • Cubex pharmacy and supply cabinet integration ∗
  • Estimate price updating and transfers ∗
  • DICOM imaging improvements
  • Whiteboard task enhancements
  • Email from VIA with unique user signature ∗
  • 64-bit laboratory equipment integration ∗
  • Client invoice approval limits and alerts ∗
  • Antech pathology and add-on profiles ∗
  • Redesigned Import Manager
  • Patient Recall updates
  • Appointment change history ∗
  • Business Center enhancements
  • Merge and move patient fixes
  • Rx printing improvements
  • Credit card integration for 2015 Chip and PIN Compliance ∗
  • Multi-site inventory management ∗

New Desktop Dashboards provide daily summaries of hospital activity and instant access to records

See at a glance your daily visits, appointments, invoices, lab orders, image studies, patient recalls which can be filtered by Business Center

Inventory enhancements include a new Purchase Order System and new Cubex integration

Send treatment plan request from VIA to Cubex supply cabinets and receive dispensed quantities to ensure all items are accurately invoiced

The VIA Instant Messenger helps your staff communicate better, with workstation-to-workstation IM conversations whenever you are logged into VIA

Support for the new Chip and PIN payment processing regulations

Capture VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX payments within VIA to eliminate double entry errors and save time

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Access your staff edit history on appointments and whiteboard tasks to see who made changes to data and what exactly was changed

Laboratory integration enhancements include redesigned Import Manager, 64 bit lab integration, Antech add on features, pathology ordering, and profile improvements

Detailed documentation on new product features, bug fixes, minimum hardware requirements, and installation instructions are provided in the client update material whenever a new release is sent to you. Please contact Technical Support if replacement material is needed.