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Register to join an upcoming VIA Lunchtime Learning Webinar hosted by our trainers. This is a free service provided with your VIA Technical Support to help you get more out of VIA, whether it’s to train new staff members or to get a refresher on the current system features.  New sessions will be announced each month.


Front Desk Operations

This month’s webinar will cover all things money-related for the front desk team.  The session will go over the basics as well as more advanced topics related to handling daily financial transactions and reporting in VIA.

  • Properly applying payments to client accounts
  • Credits vs Debits vs Credit Memos
  • Returns and Credit Memos- how to return merchandise and enter a refund
  • End-of-Day reports to assist in balancing accounts
  • Closing out open invoices
  • Cleaning up a messy Desktop

The webinar will last one hour; the first half will be an informational presentation followed by a question and answer period.  After you register, a VIA trainer will email you a meeting invitation with instructions on how to access your selected webinar.



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Previous Sessions

Resource Scheduler:
  • Using Resource Groups
  • Setting up the Resource Scheduler
  • Viewing Resource Availability
Whiteboard Functionality:
  • Using Tasks
  • Using the different views
  • Whiteboard customization
Whiteboard Implementation:
  • How tasks are created and assigned
  • Automatic generation of tasks
  • Methods of creation
  • Assignment of tasks and series
  • Editing and completion of tasks
  • How tasks affect invoicing
Inventory and Purchas Orders:
  • Inventory setup and properties
  • Inventory reports
  • Using Purchase Orders
Treatment Reminders:
  • Reminder functionality
  • Setting reminder triggers
  • Methods of creation
  • Entering manual reminders
  • Satisfying reminders
  • Processing email reminders
  • Printing reminder cards

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