Multi-Site Hospital Software

Enterprise level capability

VIA Business Centers software provides many key features that satisfy the needs of multi-site veterinary hospitals. VIA Business Centers incorporates enterprise level tracking and reporting functionality with complete access to client records, patient records, and schedules for all locations.

Generate reports by individual location or consolidate for an enterprise-wide view, and utilize one patient chart no matter how many locations a patient visits. Track inventory by individual location but receive centrally. Use the same service and item codes across the enterprise yet maintain flexibility by having individual price structures per location.

  • Run multiple locations from a single database
  • Track transactions by separate business centers
  • Multi-site inventory management
  • Business logo and address prints based on the center
  • Order labs from multiple ANTECH accounts
  • Productivity reports by center and provider
  • Email records to referring providers and clients
  • Cubex inventory control cabinet integration
  • Business center based productivity reports
  • Digital x-ray, ultrasound, and PACS integration
  • Can be used in Terminal Server environment