& Training

VIA 360° Implementation

The VIA 360° Implementation Approach is a milestone-based process for installing the software, configuring the system for production rollout and completing initial training to insure a successful implementation. You will be assigned a VIA Account Manager who will manage the implementation and training of your practice. Every member of the VIA Account Manager team has previously worked in veterinary hospitals in management roles and maintains expert product knowledge.

The following 6 milestones are the core of the VIA 360° Implementation.

Planning and Assessment

Step 1:  Define the objectives and scope of the implementation process and plans for migrating existing data into VIA, system configuration and staff training.

Workflow Planning

Step 2:  Define the practice workflow and the customization of VIA’s workflow and establish the plan for paper-light or paperless rollout.

Software Configuration

Step 3:  Configure VIA to meet the defined practice workflow, customize user interface views, and complete preliminary implementation plan.

Validate Implementation

Step 4:  The Account Manager will conduct a VIA readiness and IT system review to ensure that all preparations are verified and ready for onsite training and hosptial Go Live.

Training and Go Live

Step 5:  All staff members are fully trained during multiple-day onsite training sessions, or through remote webinar sessions, to achieve a successful system Go Live.

Follow Up

Step 6:  Validate that the full system deployment has been completed, assess conversion benefits and future training or customization needs. 

Onsite and Online Training

Depending on your needs, we provide onsite training packages which include multiple days of structured staff training sessions and Go Live Day assistance. For facilities with multiple staff shifts additional VIA trainers may be provided to assist with onsite training. Smaller facilities with only a few staff to train may benefit from our optional online webinar based training.

Data Conversion

Data conversion is the process of moving your existing data into VIA.

This part of your implementation is performed by our data conversion specialists, who have successfully converted many different veterinary software platforms to VIA.

We provide an initial conversion for your evaluation and later a final conversion of your latest data for the hospital Go Live.

Step 1: Initial Conversion

A backup of your existing data is provided for the analysis of your database structure and content. Database conversion scripts are written which will map the data into VIA and an Initial Conversion is generated.

Step 2: Hospital Review

The Initial Conversion database is reviewed by the practice in VIA. If any changes need to be made the conversion scripts are modified before your Final Conversion.

Step 3: Final Conversion

Prior to your scheduled Go Live, a new backup of your data is made and run through the conversion scripts. The Final Conversion is provided by your Account Manager during your Go Live.