VIA Safe

Worry-free data protection in the cloud

Safe and Secure in the Cloud

VIA Safe protects your critical information by backing up your hospital database to a secure offsite data center every day

Automatic Backup

The system runs on its own and uploads data changes each day to minimize backup time and bandwidth

Multiple Backup Sets

VIA Safe retains backup sets of the last 7 days of activity, so you can restore to previous points in time

VIA Safe

Our automatic, secure, and integrated cloud backup service helps to protect your critical practice data from loss due to a server crash, flood, fire, or theft.

Offsite backup doesn’t get any simpler than VIA Safe. Daily database backups are automatically created and streamed to a secure offsite data center, keeping your data safe from disaster at any one location. VIA Safe is integrated to work with VIA and SQL Server to minimize any impact on your server performance during work times.

Get Started Today

Your practice information is the lifeblood of your business. Don’t hesitate to protect your data. Setup is a simple, one-time installation, and can be added to any VIA clinic at any point in time.