More of what
your practice needs


More of what your practice needs

Improve workflow and operating efficiencies


More of what your
practice needs

Fully featured practice management

Get all the features you need to run your practice, including SOAP charting, treatment plans, laboratory integration, DICOM imaging, inventory, client billing, scheduling, electronic flowsheets and more. VIA’s complete electronic medical record system is designed to capture accurate, detailed records with ease.

We build our features around a workflow based design so they are quick to learn and easy to use for your whole practice, from check-in and charting to submitting a lab order, email, or billing update. Try out our intuitive functionality for yourself and see why we rate as a leading paperless system.

A workflow without boundaries

Our convenient patient file brings all the most relevant charting information in one place, with an instant list of alerts, diagnoses, prescriptions, drug allergies and past medical history. With our summary tabs, you can get a snapshot of all the activity on the patient chart, along with past appointments, referrals, medications, labs and more. Capturing a complete patient chart is easy with data flowing from SOAP notes, medical equipment, staff task updates and more.

  • Medical history
  • SOAP notes
  • Prescriptions
  • Treatment plan
  • Vaccination records
  • Client callbacks
  • Laboratory orders
  • Patient billing
  • DICOM image studies
  • Flowsheet and tasks
  • Vitals history
  • Referral vet records

Flexible SOAP templates, smarter charting

Designed by veterinarians, our flexible templates can be used for your specialty or customized to fit your specific practice needs. Charting is fast, easy and compatible with your current workflow. With over 25 built-in templates designed to serve a wide variety of veterinary cases, we’ve made it easy to get your practice charting quickly. Our templates are designed with the input of veterinarians from a variety of specialties and the recommendations of leading veterinary consultants and associations.

Every practice is different. That’s why we’ve made our templates completely customizable, so you can modify them to fit your practice’s workflow, or create your own. New templates can quickly be memorized from your medical notes for future use throughout the practice.

Full circle laboratory workflow


Connect to veterinary diagnostic laboratories and in-house lab equipment. VIA comes loaded with ANTECH and IDEXX profiles for easy ordering.


Create and submit lab orders from your treatment plan or invoice for automatic lab billing. VIA tracks order status so you are aware when results are available.


Lab test results are imported for your review and signoff. Use our trend charting tool for a top-down view over the patient’s entire history.

Lab integrations

ANTECH Diagnostics
Abaxis VetScan
Abaxis VetScan VS2
Abaxis VetScan HM2
Abaxis VetScan HM5
Abaxis VetScan HMT
Gribbles Laboratories

Heska Hematrue
Heska ABC
Heska DCU
Heska CBC-Diff
Heska i-STAT 1

Heska HLRS
IDEXX Laboratories
IDEXX VetConnect Plus
IDEXX VetLab Station
IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer

IDEXX LaserCyte
IDEXX Catalyst DX
IDEXX QBC VetAutoread
NZVP Laboratories
Phoenix Laboratories
Scil ABC

Analyze trends

VIA’s trend charting tool provides a top-down view of test results over the patient’s entire medical history. Simply select one or more tests to see all results over charted over time with High and Low ranges.

Smart associations allow you to trend chart the same test across all time periods, even though you may change laboratory providers who use different test names.


DICOM Modality Worklist

Digital radiography, ultrasound, and PACS integration

Connect with Sound, GE, Cuattro, eFilm Workstation,
DICOM compliant modalities and PACS

DICOM Modality Worklist

Generate an image study request and VIA will provide the patient information and order details to your DICOM modalities such as X-ray and Ultrasound.

PACS Communication

Image Studies that are stored in your PACS are automatically linked to the Patient file in VIA. Simply click in the medical history and VIA will retrieve the DICOM image.


Use VIA’s built in DICOM viewer to retrieve and view radiographs.  The viewer provides convenient access from every workstation in the practice.

Stay organized with electronic whiteboards

VIA’s hospitalization functionality turns indecipherable whiteboards and flowsheets into organized information. Whether you’re looking for a census overview or detailed treatment tasks, VIA’s whiteboard gives you the big picture in a format that’s quick, clear and concise. And because it’s all in an electronic format, you can automatically track tasks, charges, and patient progress like never before.

Tired of reading between the lines?

With its easy access to real-time patient information, your staff can provide timely updates on patient status, giving pet owners the assurance they need when their pet is hospitalized. Pet owners also like being able to receive accurate running totals of all their charges at any given time. Information brings relief. VIA provides information with ease and detail.

Intuitive treatment flowsheets

VIA’s treatment flowsheet helps you deliver better quality care with every administrative task it streamlines. By scheduling treatments down to 10-minute intervals and tracking the administration of doctors’ orders, VIA drives your workflow processes to maximum efficiency.

Satisfied staff

By eliminating dozens of tedious administrative tasks, VIA frees your team to dedicate more time to care for patients and their families. And because VIA makes it easy to access information in real-time, everyone is able to plan their workflow activities and stay on top of their patients’ many treatment schedules. With VIA you can create a work environment that’s efficient and organized, boosting job satisfaction.

Flexible scheduling

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a large group, it’s easy to schedule with VIA. Simple, click-and-drag scheduling allows your staff to manage patient appointments and check in visits. Customize your schedule views in the way that best fits your practice. You can view multiple providers side-by-side, color code your schedule by appointment type, and track the confirmation status. Our resource scheduler allows you to specify provider work times and block off the scheduling of specific types of appointments for specific providers and times.

Organized boarding

Manage your pet visits with VIA’s boarding scheduler. Create reservations, view availability graphs of cages, kennels, and runs, create cage cards, and update client billing based on check in and check out times.

Effective patient reminders

Your vaccination and treatment reminders are of vital importance to your patient’s health and your practice’s success. Treatment reminders are generated for every patient based on your rules. VIA’s reminder wizard handles marketing campaigns for sending reminders to your clients in the form of emails, postcards, or integration with marketing services from Vetstreet, Demandforce, and others. Each reminder’s effectiveness is tracked so you can alter your message between the first, second, or later requests for action.

Process credit cards

Process credit card payments within VIA to save time and money. Our secure payment processing integration with OpenEdge and X-Charge  helps to streamline your workflow, reduce processing fees, and eliminate billing errors.

Communicate better

VIA helps you communicate better with your staff, clients, and referring veterinarians. Client emails, callbacks, and messages are captured in the client’s event journal for historical access. Our messenger provides instant communication among staff logged into VIA, for easy one-on-one or group based IM conversations. Our communication tools include:

  • Built-in email
  • Built-in instant messenger
  • Staff action lists
  • Referral letters and charts
  • Client event journal
  • Client callback reminders

Real-time inventory management

Benefit from real-time, detailed visibility of your inventory, including stock on order, current levels and valuation. Submit purchase orders, generate inventory reports, and track goods. Controlled substance logbooks are automatically generated based on drug dispensing and receipts.

Cubex dispensing cabinets

VIA provides two-way communication with Cubex inventory management cabinets for a seamless order and dispensing workflow. The vet’s authorized VIA treatment plan items, along with the patient information, are provided to the Cubex cabinet to ensure that only the proper medications are dispensed and billed for every time. Before closing out the invoice, VIA checks with the cabinet to ensure nothing was missed and all dispensed items are accurately billed for.

Eliminate missed charges

Generate invoices directly from treatment plans and completed tasks or enter charges using our Quickbooks style interface. Our flowsheet updates client charges whenever tasks are carried out by staff. Load estimates directly to the client invoice to save time. Be informed in real-time when the client charges are getting close to their desired total bill threshold.

Email clients and referring vets

Email complete medical records, client education documents, billing receipts, and referral letters with the click of button. Our email templates help save time by loading the client’s information and converting your printouts into attachments. Simply customize your message and send. Every email is recorded in the client’s event journal for your historical review.

Capture signatures electronically

Eliminate the hassles of scanning and storing client authorization forms by capturing signatures onscreen. Simply have the client review the document to be signed onscreen and sign with a stylus, or even a finger. The signature then becomes embedded within the document and is stored in VIA and can be printed whenever necessary.

Check the pulse of your practice

Our desktop dashboards give you instant access to common information you need, along with daily summaries of all hospital activity. View dashboard summaries by provider or the entire facility to monitor staff productivity.  Click on any dashboard summary to see a detailed list of information and pop up lab results, SOAP notes, appointments, recalls, and other information to quickly complete your work.

Dashboard views include:

  • Outpatients
  • Inpatients
  • Appointments scheduled
  • Appointments pending

  • Invoices created
  • Invoices pending
  • Medical notes created
  • Medical notes pending

  • Lab orders
  • Lab results received
  • Client recalls due
  • Client recalls pending

Professional printouts

VIA provides dozens of integrated documents your practice needs, including a variety of formats of medical charts, consent forms, SOAP note templates, invoice templates, referral letters, postsurgical instructions and optional Lifelearn client education material. Templates can include patient pictures, medical images, billing information, lab results, and any medical history. In addition to printing, every document can be emailed from VIA. Simply select the email button to create a pdf attachment to send to the client or referring doctor. Every email sent to a client is recorded in the client event journal for your historical review.

All the management tools you need

With comprehensive EMR and Practice Management bundled into one, VIA is everything you need in a veterinary solution. Plus, with the built-in customization capabilities, no matter what your area of focus is VIA has you covered.

  • Practice analysis reports
  • Production reports
  • Financial reports
  • AAHA chart of accounts
  • Statements and finance charges

  • Accounts receivable
  • Data mining
  • Employee timeclock
  • User and security controls
  • Database backup to the cloud

  • Full service and inventory coding
  • Billing controls, discounts and taxes
  • Vendor management
  • Equipment integration
  • Business centers for multi-site use