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Small Animal Practice Software

Think of us as a veterinarian’s best friend

VIA is the ideal solution for small animal practices, with our user friendly workflow and robust functionality and management tools. With VIA you have the capability to operate from paper-lite to paper-less, depending on your practice’s work style preferences. Our thorough medical records and hospital management tools help many of our users exceed the high standards required for AAHA accreditation.

Key VIA features for small animal practices include:

  • SOAP medical notes
  • Patient, staff, and boarding schedulers
  • Pre-configured small animal SOAP templates
  • Credit card processing from any workstation
  • Inpatient and outpatient census
  • Pet ID cards
  • Small animal services and products coding
  • Inventory control and controlled substance logbooks
  • Electronic signature capture and consent forms
  • Integrated instant messenger
  • DICOM digital x-ray and ultrasound integration
  • Loaded with ANTECH and IDEXX lab profiles
  • Graphical whiteboard and treatment flowsheets
  • Lifelearn client education material
  • Employee time clock
  • Optional hardware for turnkey solution
  • VIA Touch tablet application
  • VIA Safe cloud backup

Building the platform for modern practices

ER, Specialty & Referral Hospital Software

Specialized functionality to meet your needs

VIA provides advanced functionality that’s needed for success in demanding ER, specialty, and referral hospital environments. With installations ranging from solo specialists up to large multi-specialty facilities of 100+ employees and dozens of doctors, VIA provides the workflow, device integration and communication tools to improve operating efficiency. Our ease of use and adaptability make us a highly popular system among emergency and specialty providers.

Key VIA features for ER, specialty, and referral hospitals include:

  • SOAP notes with specialty and ER templates
  • Digital whiteboards for critical care treatments
  • Graphical flowsheets ensure tasks aren’t missed
  • Patient task based billing to avoid missed charges
  • Cubex inventory control cabinet integration
  • Track multiple referral doctors per case
  • Generate referral letters
  • Referring doctor and hospital productivity reports
  • Modality worklist for digital x-ray, ultrasound, MRI
  • View radiographs using integrated DICOM viewer
  • Support for in-house and external lab providers
  • Airport style display for treatment tasks
  • Specialty services and product coding
  • Multi-site inventory and controlled substance logbooks
  • Integrated laboratory ordering and trend charts
  • Production reports by business center
  • VIA Touch tablet application
  • VIA Safe cloud backup

Equine & Large Animal Practice Software

Tailor made for equine practitioners

The VIA Equine module provides tailored functionality for equine and large animal practitioners. Manage horse multiple-ownerships, split-billing, Coggins, registered names, trainer history, and farm and ranch locations. Our optimized Statement Charge transaction accrues charges over many visits for rapid entry from field travel sheets. Statements appropriately allocate each item’s charges toward the appropriate owners or trainers based on the split-billing and trainer history. DICOM digital x-ray and ultrasound integration provides direct access to your imaging equipment. VIA Sync is the ideal solution for remote fieldwork. Access the entire practice’s client and patient records from your laptop, update records in the field, and days later synchronize your records with the practice.

Key VIA features for equine and large animal practices include:

  • SOAP medical notes with equine templates
  • Generate Coggins forms
  • Track split billing among multiple owners
  • Trainer or owner based billing
  • Locate by trainer, owner, microchip, or tattoo
  • VIA Sync for full system access in the field
  • Sound-Eklin digital x-ray and ultrasound integration
  • Statement based billing
  • Track location on a farm, ranch, and stall
  • Large animal services and product coding
  • Multi-truck inventory control
  • DICOM digital x-ray and ultrasound integration
  • Integrated laboratory results
  • Lifelearn client education material
  • VIA Touch tablet application
  • VIA Safe cloud backup

Ambulatory Veterinary Software

Work virtually anywhere with VIA Sync

Gone are the days of having to work from the field without access to client and patient records. VIA Sync provides your complete hospital database to your truck so you can access medical history, capture SOAP notes, and update client information and billing, even when you are completely offline. Once fieldwork is complete days or even weeks later you can synchronize to update your hospital database. VIA Sync is an ideal addition for equine, large animal, ambulatory and mobile practitioners.

  • Synchronize with the hospital server
  • Daily appointment schedule
  • Client records with address and directions
  • Generate SOAP medical notes
  • Complete medical history and reminders
  • Capture Coggins information
  • Enter billing charges in the field
  • Statement based billing
  • Print invoices to mobile printers
  • Sound-Eklin portable DR integration
  • Track location on farm, ranch, and stall

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