Reliable business class hardware

What will help your practice be more productive? Workstations? Laptops? Tablets? VIA provides the choices that best fit your needs and budget. We offer name brand business class equipment from leading manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Xerox, at prices that make sense for you. VIA provides fully configured hardware and network equipment so you have a solid, reliable platform, and a single source to go to for hardware and software technical support.

From budget to high performance servers

The server is the workhorse of your network, hosting the VIA database and your other critical business applications and files. Its performance directly impacts the efficiency of everyone connected to it. Therefore, we provide servers that range from reliable, budget class machines for smaller staffs up to high performance models for large facilities, in order to provide the optimum balance of performance and value to you.

Do more in more places with VIA

Imagine the possibilities– show lab results to a client in the exam room using your lightweight tablet. Have receptionists identify and greet clients from the front desk scheduler. Let technicians check off treatment tasks to update billing as they make their rounds, and use a wall mounted large-screen whiteboard to keep everyone on track.

VIA offers a variety of computing options to fit the varied staff roles in your practice. Whether your situation requires laptops, workstations, or tablets, VIA provides the solutions you need to be able to do more in more places than ever.

Full configuration and support

VIA eliminates the hassles of purchasing, configuring, and maintaining your computer network. We configure every network in a client/server architecture for optimum performance and security, with a router and firewall set up for remote access from your home. Our Hardware Support services cover your network so you can focus on managing your practice instead of managing computers. The benefit to you is a single source to call upon when support is needed.

Meet the tablet that can replace your desktop

The Dell Venue Pro delivers the portability of a tablet, power of an Ultrabook, and experience of a desktop. Experience VIA Touch for Windows 8, an optimized tablet application that provides quick, easy access to your hospital data and ability to capture client consent signatures. Or with a single swipe launch VIA to gain the full power of VIA’s desktop functionality — on a tablet.

See VIA Touch