4 Tips to Help You Find Practice Management Software

That Will Make Your Veterinary Hospital Paperless

Most veterinarians would prefer to spend more time treating patients and less time organizing their paperwork. Practice management software (PMS) can help you save thousands of hours each year by enabling you to create, store, and retrieve medical documents in just a few clicks. It can also save space that would have been used to store patient files.catlook

If you really want your hospital to be paperless, though, you have to be careful about which PMS you purchase. Each practice management software has unique features and capabilities, so it is important that you do your research and find the right PMS for your practice’s specific needs.

Are you looking for basic software to organize your invoices? Or do you need something more comprehensive to manage inventory and electronic medical records (EMR)? If the software you purchase does not meet all of your current and future needs, you may wind up falling back into the same time-wasting and cumbersome routine of using handwritten documents and file cabinets.

These four tips will help you find the right practice management software to make your hospital paperless:

 1. Identify the Specific Processes That You Would Like to Be Paperless

Even if you find the perfect PMS for your hospital, you will most likely have to use handwritten documents for certain procedures. Before you start comparing practice management software, identify the specific processes that you would like to be paperless. This will help you avoid purchasing a PMS that lacks the necessary capabilities or wasting money on a PMS with advanced features that you do not need.

2. Think about the Future

Currently, you might not need DICOM integration or EMR management, but your PMS should be able to keep up with the growth of your practice. Where do you want your hospital to be in coming years? Finding the right PMS can help you expand your client list without wasting time on retrieving documents, handwriting SOAP notes, tracking inventory, and compiling patient files.

 3. Find Software That Can Be Customized for Your Practice

Even if a practice management software has 90 percent of the features you need, it might not be enough to make your hospital paperless. In fact, lacking just one essential feature could make the PMS entirely useless if it cannot integrate with your current systems. Each veterinary practice is unique, so it is important that you find software that you can customize for your particular needs.

4. Determine How Difficult It Would Be to Learn How to Use the Software

Even the best software is useless if you do not know how to use it. Does the manufacturer offer personalized training, instructional videos, or a comprehensive user manual? Before you purchase practice management software, make sure you know exactly what it will take to get the most value out of your investment.

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