Sales Questions


Sound Digital Radiology

  • How are you taking your x-ray’s?
  • How many studies per day/month do you take?
  • How old is your current DR (or CR)?
  • Dental?

Sound Ultrasound

  • Are you performing any in-house ultrasound?  Why not?
  • Is it your equipment?  Which vendor (GE, Phillips, Mylab, etc.)
  • How old is the ultrasound?
  • Would you be interested in adding US CE in with the potential purchase?
  • Don’t forget to mention the academy!


  • Who are you using for outside lab services?
  • How much are you spending in a month?
  • What inside lab equipment do you use?
  • Do you do more inside labs or out?


  • Which practice management software program are you using?
  • What isn’t it doing well or what would you like it to do?
  • Tell me about the integration between it and your labs, x-ray, etc.?
  • Are you currently able to connect to your data from home?

 Antech Imaging

  • Does this clinic have a DR/CR or ultrasound unit?
  • If they have a DR/CR, is it from Sound?
  • Does this clinic typically send radiographs and/or ultrasounds to a specialist (radiologist, internist, or cardiologist) for interpretation?  If so, how often?  All cases, or only a few?
  • Where do you send cases?  AIS?  IDEXX?  PetRays?  A local imaging group?
  • Do you use PennHIP radiographs for evaluating canine hip dysplasia?

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