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June 2019

By General

I’m just writing to let you know that over the last few months Vincent has been helping work with me to overhaul our clinics documents in VIA. He did a phenomenal job helping us revise and integrate dozes of articles. Despite the countless revisions and daunting amount of content, he remained professional, pleasant to work with and was all around a great help to our practice.

As with all of your team we appreciate the help they give us, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of just how far above and beyond Vincent went and how grateful we all are.

Kelsey, CSR
Metropolitan Veterinary Center

Free Training Webinar on Treatment Reminders

By General

Register to join our upcoming VIA Lunchtime Learning Webinar hosted by our trainers covering Treatment Reminders.  This is a free service provided with your VIA Technical Support to help you get the most out of VIA, whether it’s to train new staff members or get a refresher on the current system features.  New sessions will be announced each month.  Register soon, space is filling up.

Learn more here.

In good hands

By General

All of us here at Pavilion want to thank you personally for the help we always receive when in your very capable hands!  When we reach out to you we get answers immediately.  Please let your superiors know how lucky they are to have you!!

Tina Chaney
Practice Manager