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CVC West

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Come to CVC West in sunny San Diego and be sure to see our latest advancements in treatment flowsheets, whiteboards, and SOAP progress notes. Look for us in the VCA-Antech-Sound-VIA booth.


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Join us at the AAEP Conference in San Antonio November 17-21. Learn more about our leading equine software and integration with portable imaging equipment at the VCA-Antech-Sound-VIA booth.

You guys have really nailed it

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You guys have really nailed it with your tech support people. I love them all. They work so quickly and always have an answer. Tell them great job.

I appreciate it more than I can tell you. Thank you.

Allison Rye
Bay Beach Veterinary

Very responsive to help

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I can’t stress enough how great Sarah has been!

She is always very responsive to any issue I call about and a pleasure to work with. I really appreciate her help with everything!

Thank you,
Kimberly Schumpp
Wynn Haven Animal Hospital

We are acquiring a new clinic

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We are doing well and the new VIA 8.4 is awesome.

We are acquiring a new clinic and our plan is to use the management style of my VIA and move over their clients and patients.

The one thing I will definitely be doing is using VIA at both.  Keep up the good work and FYI Vincent is awesome to work with.

Dr Richard G.

I Love VIA!

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Howdy Jeff,


My team is still getting the hang of it, but they are doing great! Thanks for checking in. 

I am VIA’s greatest fan!

Beth Hammes
Practice Manager
Hickory Veterinary Hospital

Treatment Flowsheets

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Did you know VIA provides complete treatment management which directly ties in with your medical records and billing?

VIA’s intuitive treatment flowsheets help you to deliver better care by converting treatment plans into a series of scheduled tasks. Treatment tasks are generated directly from the SOAP plan, in down to the minute or recurring intervals so your staff can efficiently treat patients and not let anything slip.  From a simple graphical screen, tasks are checked off as they are completed which automatically captures the billing and medical records from the event.

From the flowsheet, simply check off tasks as they are completed and the billing and medical records are automatically captured

VIA frees your team to dedicate more time to care for patients and not deal with paperwork hassles. And because VIA makes it easy to access information in real-time, everyone is able to plan their activities and stay on top of their patients’ many treatment schedules. With VIA you can create a work environment that’s efficient and organized, boosting job satisfaction.